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State-of-the-art blockchain technology

Broearn contains two core functions: a browser and a Web 3.0 multi-chain wallet, with Windows, Android, iOS and macOS versions available for download; supported by the most advanced blockchain technology, Broearn can take you into the world of Web 3.0 whenever you want.
About us
Broearn is a browser built by an outstanding international team of developers, coders, researchers, marketers, and support staff. Our team members aim to develop products favored by users, create the best user experience, and build a strong user base worldwide. We're building the most cutting-edge, secure and stable browser for hundreds of millions of active users

Our vision and mission

Be the most secure browser for Web 3.0 users
Broearn is committed to building a next-generation browser combined with Web 3.0 technologies, and everyone can feel the charm of decentralization.
Create the most comprehensive service
Meanwhile, focusing on user experience, Broearn will provide the most secure, stable and advanced services to users worldwide.