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Loyal guardian of user privacy

Loyal guardian of user privacy

Broearn Web 3.0 devotes to building the most secure browser based on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional browsers, it blocks the collection of user privacy and creates multi-dimensional protection for user privacy.
Components of Privacy Protection
The browser prevents the acquisition of user cookie tracking, camera and microphone access, device clipboard content, and device usage. It also prevents calls to user mobile sensors and inspection of website storage data. Users can set the degree of privacy protection according to their needs and thus it prevents malicious websites from access to user privacy and information.
Web 2.0
The platform’s distribution of revenues generated by the User
Low security of user information stored centrally
The platform’s right to rule-making
Platforms block data and seize user information
Integration of virtual space with the physical world
Web 3.0
The User’s more control over revenues generated by them
Fully protection for user privacy data by blockchain and cryptography
The User’s participation in formulating rules
Interconnection of digital information
The physical realization of “Parallel Universe”
Web 3.0 Core Features
Revenues generated by the User
Enhanced protection of user privacy
Decentralized organizational form/decision-making mechanism
Revenues interconnection
The physical realization of “Parallel Universe”
Advanced Shielding Function
Unlike some websites unscrupulously sending pop-ups to users for profits, the browser provides real-time protection, prohibits pop-ups and user behavior redirection, and effectively filters spam and misleading ads in real-time.
Our Commitment
We will not collect user information. We will regulate our behavior with the highest standards and devote to building the world’s most secure browser.
List of Built-in Protections
Encryption of Data Transfer End
Tracking and Blocking Protection of Cookie
Camera Access Blocking
Microphone Access Blocking
Call Blocking of Mobile Sensor
Checking website storage data details at any time
Access Blocking of Device Clipboard Content
Access Blocking of Device Usage
Window Pop-up Blocking
Ad Blacklist Matching Blocking
NFC Information View and Change Permission Blocking
Camera Location Tracking Blocking