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Benefit from privacy-protected ads

About Broearn Rewards

Broearn devotes to protecting user privacy and working with advertisers respecting user privacy. It provides an incentive that enables users to earn PUT during use.
More Diversified Rewards
DApp which effectively integrates advantageous industries and Broearn Earning and TokenBack which are initially introduced to meet the needs of competitive core users are combined to enrich the ecosystem of Broearn Web 3.0 Browser, integrating part-time jobs and rebates that satisfy users' daily needs into the ecosystem and distributing the PUT to users for rewards.
Why Do We Offer Ad Rewards?
The privacy protection of Broearn Web 3.0 Browser has achieved a consensus to protect user privacy with multiple parties during its development, helping us gain recognition worldwide. Thus, our advertising content has been strictly reviewed. We uphold the user-first principle and give the vast majority of benefits to users in the adoption process, and provide more valuable PUT.
Why PUT Can Provide Unprecedented High Security for Users’ Privacy?
PUT, a strategic digital currency of credit system, is different from traditional speculation with coin issuance as the core. Broearn effectively eliminates the situation in which users are deceived by adopting PUT ecosystem and driving the growth of currency value through business growth.\n\nThe browser concentrates on the protection of user privacy. Users possessing PUT can enjoy long-term premium income in addition to multi-chain transactions at any time. It is attributed to the strict contractual restrictions of PUT on obtainment and output and provides transparent mechanisms for protection.
How to Get Ad Rewards?
The browser provides recommended ad positions and users can obtain PUT rewards by watching the ads in those positions. Unlike traditional long-period settlements, we automatically perform the fast next-business-day settlement of PUT based on the validity of smart contracts to protect the actual interests of users.