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Broearn Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

At Broearn, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy Internet. That's why we build Broearn to give you great control over the information we share online and the information you share with us. We strive to collect only what we need to improve Broearn for all users. In this Privacy Notice, we explain what information Broearn shares and recommend what users could do to further reduce the shared information. We also adhere to the practices outlined in the Broearn Privacy Policy as guidelines for how we receive, process, and share the information we collect from Broearn. We are committed to protecting privacy in all aspects including the research and development of our product and service and operation.

II. The Information We Collect

Personal information shall be processed according to law when it is necessary, with justified reason, and in good faith. We only collect personal information necessary for the implementation of product functions.

When you interact with our Services, we may collect or using:

  • Personal information you provide when using our services;
  • Account information such as the nickname, mobile phone number, avatar, images and other personal information you provide when registering or using our products or services;
  • Information you submit through our customer service or when you participate in an event held by us;
  • To implement related functions of some of services, you may need to provide specific personal information. If you opt not to provide such personal information, other functions of the product or service will not be affected.
  • Log information such as device information, device information, Wallet address information, software information, service log information and other related information in order to maintain the safety and stability of the products and services.
  • Location information

For example, when you use location-related services, we may collect information about the location of your device in order to provide you with related services. such as geotagging information contained in photos shared by you or others.

GPS location information is sensitive personal information, and if you refuse to provide it, it will not affect your use of other features of the products or services, only those features related to geolocation.

  • Other relevant information such as the address book if you choose to enable importing it.if you choose to enable importing address book, we may encrypt the names and phone numbers of your contacts and collect only the encrypted information.

III. How We Use Information

We use the collected information for the following purposes in strict compliance with laws and regulations and our agreements with users. If we use your information for purposes other than those listed below, we will explain this to you again and obtain your consent.

  • To provide services to you
  • To meet your individual needs

For example, language settings, location settings, and personalized help services.

  • Security

For example, we may use your information for identity verification, security prevention, anti-fraud monitoring, archival backups, security services for our customers, and other purposes. For example, security software you download or install may detect malicious programs or viruses or identify fraudulent information.

  • To recommend advertisements that you may have interest in.
  • Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our advertising and other promotional and marketing activities
  • Manage software

For example, to perform software certification, software upgrades, etc.

  • Invite you to participate in surveys about our services

In order to provide you with a better experience, to improve our services or for other purposes with your consent, we may use the information collected through certain services for our other services, subject to relevant laws and regulations. For example, information about your use of one of our services will be used to personalize your service experience, user research analysis and statistics, and other services.

To ensure the security of our services and to help us better understand the operation of our applications, we may record information such as how often you use the application, fault information, overall usage, performance information, and the source of the application. We do not combine the information we store in our analytics software with the personally identifiable information you provide in the application.

As our business develops, the features and services we offer may be adjusted and changed, and if the purpose of processing changes as a result, we will again explain this to you and obtain your consent.

IV. How We Use Cookies, Identifiers and Related Technologies

Cookies, identifiers and related technologies are commonly used in the Internet industry. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we or our third-party partners may collect your information by placing these technologies in order to provide you with a better user experience and services. We will strictly require our third party partners to comply with the relevant provisions of this Privacy Policy.

What is a cookie:

  • A cookie is a neutral technology that allows a web server to store information on or read information from a client.
  • A cookie file is a file, in .txt format, that stores some information about a user's visit to a website.
  • The contents of cookies are usually encrypted.
  • Secure cookie technology will provide users with more convenient services when surfing the Internet.

V. Information Shared

You can share information about yourself with your friends, family and other users through our service. Please note that this may include sensitive information such as your personal identification and personal property information. Please think twice before you disclose your sensitive personal information.

You can choose the extent of the information you share through the privacy settings on our Services, or you can delete the information you share publicly through the settings on the Services or the guidelines we provide. However, please note that such information may still be independently stored by other users or unaffiliated third parties not under our control.

VI. How You Manage Your information

You may manage your information by accessing, copying, correcting, supplementing, deleting, etc. in the course of using our services. When you use our specific products and services, you can consult their separate privacy guidelines, in which we describe exactly how you can manage your personal information to help you better protect your personal information.

For example, if you wish to stop sharing your geolocation information when using geolocation-related services, you may do so through the cell phone location shutdown feature, hardware and software service providers and communication service providers, and you are advised to read the relevant guidelines carefully.

When you exercise the above rights, we may ask you to verify your identity to protect the security of your account. If you have any questions, please contact us through the contact information listed in this Privacy Policy.

Please understand that due to technical limitations, legal or regulatory requirements, we may not be able to meet all of your requests, and we will provide feedback within the time limits set by law and regulation. At the same time, we will continue to optimize our products and services to protect your rights.

VII. Information We May Send to You

  • Information Notice

When you use our Services, we may send you email, SMS, information or push notifications.

You may choose to unsubscribe by following our relevant prompts on your device. If personalized push notifications exist for specific products and services, please review the specific privacy guidelines for those products and services for more information or to turn off personalized recommendations.

  • Service-related Announcements

We may make service-related announcements to you when necessary (for example, when a service is suspended for system maintenance).

You may not be able to cancel these announcements, which are not advertisements in nature.

VIII. Information Security

We will safeguard security for your information to avoid loss,misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure of information.

  • We strictly comply with laws and regulations to protect the confidentiality of user communications.
  • We use encryption technology, anonymization processing and other means to protect your personal information.
  • We establish special management systems, processes and organizations.

For example, we strictly limit the scope of people who access information, require them to comply with confidentiality obligations, and conduct reviews.

  • In the event of a security incident such as leakage of personal information, we will initiate an emergency plan to stop the expansion of the security incident and inform you in the form of push notifications, announcements, etc.

IX. Advertisements

In order to provide a richer advertising experience, we may provide you with personalized advertising services, and you may receive relevant advertising content on Broearn and third party third-party partners websites, applications and other channels. You can learn more about this by reviewing the privacy guidelines for your specific product. If you do not want to receive personalized ads, you can also turn them off.

X. Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy applies to the products and services provided by Broearn.

Some services have specific privacy guidelines/statements that are more concrete about how we handle your information in connection with that service.

In the event of any inconsistency between this Policy and the privacy guidelines/statement of a particular service, the privacy guidelines/statement of that particular service shall prevail.

Please note that this policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals.

Your use of third party services is subject to their privacy policies (not this Policy) and you need to read their policies carefully.

XI. Broearn VPN

  • Data Collection:

    To enhance user experience, we may collect certain device system information and country-level location data. However, please note that we never track or record users' IP addresses or any other sensitive information. During the process of connecting to Broearn VPN, we may record connection timestamps, protocol selection, network type, error reports, and application interactions. The purpose of this data collection is solely to improve connection quality. We retain records of user subscription status, payment methods, subscription plans, subscription duration, and transaction IDs (or reference IDs). Collecting these detailed pieces of information is done to provide our users with VIP services and troubleshooting support (such as refunds or adding packages). Rest assured, we never store any credit card or payment information ourselves.

  • Data Protection Measures:

    Broearn VPN takes strict security measures to protect user privacy. We use advanced encryption technology to safeguard VPN connections, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

  • Third-Party Services:

    To analyze the performance of Broearn and identify any crashes on mobile platforms, we have integrated Google's Firebase.

    On the web platform, we support users subscribing to our VIP service. Therefore, we have integrated several globally popular payment methods, including payment methods from the Google Play Store/Apple Store. Additionally, to ensure user privacy and security, we offer encrypted cryptocurrency payment options - PUT - that cannot be traced back to the payment source.

  • Data Sharing:

    Broearn VPN does not share user VPN data with any third parties.

  • Legal Requirements:

    Broearn VPN complies with applicable laws and regulations and cooperates with lawful requests, such as court orders or government investigations.

XII.API License

  • API License:

    This application provides developers with corresponding APIs to enhance the user experience and enable developers to offer users more functionality and services.

  • Compliance Requirements:

    When using the APIs provided by this application, developers are required to comply with the platform's policies and regulations, as well as the applicable laws and regulations of their respective countries or regions. In the event that a developer's application violates the platform's policies or any legal requirements, the developer must unconditionally agree to actively cooperate with the platform's requests and promptly remove the non-compliant application. Please note that we explicitly state that we are not responsible for ensuring developers' compliance with local laws and regulations, and we shall not be held liable for any legal obligations that developers may have in accordance with local laws and regulations.

XIII. Changes

We may timely revise the content of this Privacy Policy.

If a change would result in a material diminution of your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by prominently placing a notice on the page before the change takes effect. If the privacy guidelines for specific products and services change with respect to the purpose, manner, and the type of processing personal information, your consent will be obtained again.