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Broearn treasure chest, 100% huge prize!

Updated 2023-09-28 16:57:05

A large number of token prizes are waiting for you to draw! Just spend 0.1PUT will give you a chance to draw 999 PUT.


Event time: 24st November 2023-29st December (UTC +5.5)

Event Reward : Millions of PUT Treasure chests. Don’t miss out. 

Event Entrance: Open Broearn Browser-Click Activities&Ecosystem-Join in [Lucky Draw] Activity! 


Activity Rules 


During the event, users enter the Broearn Browser homepage, scroll down to find Activities & Ecosystem, just spend 0.1 PUT to have a chance to draw 999 PUT. 

Note: A minimum wallet balance of 0.1PUT is required to participate in this event. Insufficient wallet balance may prevent you from participating in the draw.


Get Prize’sProcess 


Step 1:  Open Broearn browser enter the browse’s homepage click and enter Activities & Ecosystem。



Step 2:  Click “100% win lucky draw” activity。




Step 3:  Spent 0.1PUT get 1 lucky draw.            




Step 4:  Click to connect your wallet and authorize the payment of 1PUT to obtain 1 lucky draw.   



Step 5: After payment, you can draw your treasure chest at the same time.