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Win Big with Broearn Lucky Draw 2.0 - Up to 9999PUT!

Updated 2023-10-27 14:35:57

Broearn Lucky Draw 2.0 is currently in full swing, offering you the chance to win up to 9999 PUT by only consuming 1 PUT. This exciting event guarantees a 100% win rate. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

How to Participate in Lucky Draw 2.0:
Step 1: Open the Broearn Browser and navigate to the Activities & Ecosystem section. 
Step 2: Click on the Lucky Draw banner to access the activity page.
Step 3: Choose either the "1 time" or "10 times" button to play.
Step 4: Confirm the authorization and make the payment of 1 PUT or 10 PUT.


1Promo Time: From November 24th to January 31th, 2024 (UTC+5.5).
2Prize: Stand a chance to win up to 9999 PUT, with a guaranteed 100% win rate.
3Participants: This lucky draw is open to all Broearn users.
4Conditions of Participation: Maintain a balance of at least 1 PUT in your account.
5There are no play time limits for each user.
6Broearn reserves all rights to interpret the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Join Broearn Lucky Draw 2.0 now and seize the opportunity to win big! Good luck to all participants!