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Broearn Browser Search Festival : "Gratitude for Father's Day". Share millions of PUT Airdrop!

Updated 2024-06-11 15:02:08

Broearn Browser Search Festival is officially opened! Grateful for the company of fathers around the world, a new million PUT airdrops and massive token rewards are waiting for you!


Event time 14 June 21:30 (UTC +5.5) - 16 June 21:30 (UTC +5.5)

Event Reward: Million PUT Chests. First come, first served. Don't miss it! 

Event Entrance: Brolon Browser [Home] - [Search bar 🔍] 



During the campaign period, users will have a chance to win PUT drops by using the search function of Broearn Browser. Each user can only get one reward per round of activity. 

If a user successfully collects a PUT Airdrop after participating in the Search Festival, the corresponding interface will be displayed.


PUT Airdrop Collection Process

 Step 1: Search on the homepage through the Broearn Browser search engine.

 Step 2: While the Search Festival is in progress (the box icon in the picture is the on symbol), anything you want to search for has a chance to bring you an Airdrop reward. 

 Step 3: For security purposes, if this is your first time in the Browne Browser, you will need to create a Browne Wallet to receive and manage Airdrop Rewards. 

 Step 4: Please check your rewards in the "My Rewards" section on the homepage. 


PUT Airdrop Collection Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Can I collect unlimited Million PUT Airdrops from Broearn Search Festival?

During the campaign period, each user can only claim one reward per round. The more searches you participate in, the higher your chances of getting a PUT Airdrop! 

Q2: How can I check the basic rules of PUT Airdrop campaign? 

Users can check the basic rules/event time/number of rewards/number of treasure chests by clicking on the search bar countdown in the upper right corner.


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