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1. Ads Blocker - You can turn on ad blocker and set the filtering language in the settings

2. Privacy and security - You can set the level of safe browsing in the settings

3. Incognito mode - You can open the incognito tab to enable private browsing

4. Scan QR codes to search - You can click Scan on home page to jump directly

5. Bookmarks/Reading List - You can quickly access bookmarks and reading content from the settings


You can be rewarded with official Broearn digital currency (PUT) for watching ads, visiting specific shopping sites, and completing tasks in the Broearn browser


1. What is Broearn multi-chain wallet?

Broearn multi-chain wallet is a user-managed crypto wallet, and Broearn does not have access to any user's mnemonic phrases, private keys, or encryption passwords. Broearn Wallet also offers swap transactions, cross-chain transactions, and more.

2. How to create/import wallet address?

Select the network you want to create or import, click Create Wallet, and follow the instructions to create a new wallet or import mnemonic phrases or private keys

3. How to make a transfer on Broearn Wallet?

Switch to the network you need on the home page, select Send, and follow the instructions to complete the process. Network fee is required for transfer. For example, Ethereum charges ETH as a gas fee.

4. What are mnemonic phrases, private keys, and passwords?

Mnemonic phrases: they are used to recover the address and have ownership of the address. When the mnemonic phrases are leaked, the assets of the address will be stolen. If the mnemonic phrases are leaked, it is recommended to transfer the assets to a new and safe address at the first time.

Private keys: similar to the mnemonic phrases. When private keys are leaked, it is equal to the asset being stolen. So you need to properly save them, as they can also be used to recover the address.

Passwords: they are used for encryption when creating or importing address. The passwords need to be verified when unlocking wallet, transferring, and signing transactions

5. How to back up my wallet?

The most secure method is to write down the mnemonic phrases or private keys of the backup address and keep them in a safe place; store them on a hard disk and in a place where the network cannot be connected.

6、How does Broearn make a receipt?

Switch to the network for receipt on the home page, and select the address you want to receive. Click Receive, copy the receiving address or save the QR code to send it to the payer.

7. Are my assets safe in the Broearn wallet?

Very safe. Private keys and mnemonic phrases are kept by the user. Broearn will not obtain them for any reason.