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Broearn browser 3.0.15 update instructions

Updated 2024-06-19 16:56:05


Dear Browser users:


The latest version of Browser 3.0.15 officially launched, after a month of development efforts, we provide users with better service, Browser team will update the following:


1. The long-awaited Broearn Cloud Network Cloud Drive service is officially launched, providing a fast upload/download experience, anonymity to prevent user privacy leakage, online video viewing, and easy access to image thumbnails. Free up mobile space.


File management page


Video file online playback


--Open method: ”File“, click Backup, and open Broearn Cloud.


2. Google Play packaging optimization, more compact.


3. Add Dapp to desktop shortcut.


4. Reduce phone performance consumption and optimize memory usage.


9. Fix Broearn browser crash issue.

Every update of Broearn Browser provides users with a better experience. Broearn Browser will always improve the product from the user's perspective.


Broearn Browser team pays tribute to users.