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The 17 Best Secure Browsers in 2023

Updated 2023-07-03 16:01:11


Generally, a secure browser is the same as all other browsers but enhanced with an additional layer of protection that will protect its users from online illegal behavior. It keeps its users safe by disabling any services that aren't on the white list when it starts up, which is a list of websites, apps, and online activities that have been stated as secure.

Additionally, even though privacy and browser security are two distinct concepts, they are mutual to each other. The privacy component is primarily concerned with safeguarding your data and obscuring your identity, whereas browser security deals with malware and maintains every layer of defense up to date. However, a browser that is regarded as a high-security system should have both of these qualities in balance.


At present, many people have their preferred browser for their daily activities, however, their favorite browsers are included in the most secure browsers available? Let’s find out the best secure browsers in 2023.


1) Tor Browser

Tor Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Tor browser is a platform that uses cutting-edge open-source web browsers and methods to protect online identity. It can prevent prohibited actions and monitoring activities, according to the information presented on their website. The onion routing concept was used in the construction of Tor. The Tor Browser's main characteristics include


  • Anonymity – The internet traffic is regulated by the Tor Browser through a system of relays, which are servers run by volunteers. This makes it more difficult for websites to track online uses
  • Privacy Protection – By using Tor Browser, the user can stop websites and advertising from gathering data of users, including their location, browsing patterns, and personal information. Additionally, by default, it helps block cookies and third-party trackers.
  • Censored Content Accessible - Users of the Tor network can access websites and online services that may be restricted or censored in specific nations or areas. The user can get around censorship and have unrestricted access to information by utilizing Tor Browser.
  • Protection from Tracking - Tor Browser is meant to protect users from many types of tracking, such as browser fingerprinting, which aims to recognize and follow users based on their specific browser setups. These tracking techniques are lessened by the privacy measures included in the Tor Browser.


Whistleblowers, journalists, and activists who need to communicate safely and safeguard their sources may find the Tor Browser to be a useful tool because of the anonymity and privacy it offers.


2) Firefox

Firefox Browser - Best Secure Browsers


A free and open-source web browser called Mozilla Firefox, or just Firefox, was created by the Mozilla Corporation, a division of the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox surpassed other browsers in terms of privacy. They even described their platform as “The platform that will protect the important things” on their homepage. It displays web pages using the Gecko rendering engine, which complies with recently adopted and future web standards. Firefox is a popular choice for both non-techies and tech-savvy users due to its renown for being both user-friendly and adaptable. Its main features are


  • User Interface – Firefox has a clean user interface offering customizable toolbars and extensions which can enable users to customize their browsing utilities.
  • Security - Enhanced tracking protection is applied in Firefox to block various types of online tracking and offer clearing browsing cookies and histories.
  • Compatibility – Firefox is built to provide a fast-responding browser for users with the assistance of web standards and enhanced technologies.


Due to its clean user interface and security, many educational, government, and non-profit organizations tends to apply this platform for learning, research activities, and sensitive data management. Moreover, this platform can provide a Web Developer extension allowing developers and designers for debugging, testing, and monitoring web pages.


3) Broearn

Broearn Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Broearn is a fast, solid, and most secure browser created by talented developers and engineers, focused to advance the desired products from the platform users. Broearn browser consists of many different security features that will benefits to the users. It’s a new browser. The browser can block the collection of user cookie tracking information, access to the camera and microphone, clipboard contents, and device usage. Additionally, it disallows calls to user mobile sensors and website storage data inspections. The level of privacy protection can be adjusted by users in accordance with their demands, preventing dangerous websites from accessing user privacy and information.


Moreover, Broearn is mainly emphasized creating a modernized browser with Web 3.0 technologies and the taste of decentralization. It is even stated like “Web 3.0 world which can provide the best secure and protected experience” to highlight their advantages in data protection. The main features of the Broearn platform are


  • User-Interface – Users can have the ability to customize the interface with numerous widgets, editable themes, and easily switchable between platform modes.
  • Broearn Multi-chain Wallet – It is a consistent, efficient, and protected wallet with the assistance of smart contracts, Broearn’s original encryption algorithm, and blockchain technology. That can enable users to store digital assets securely.
  • Dapps – Broearn offers various common Dapps from different chains. Moreover, it supports more than 800 central cryptocurrencies on 50 different blockchains allowing users to receive money from the platform. Some of the good examples of Dapps in this platform are OpenSea, dYdX, Uniswap V3, and STEPN.
  • Broearn rewards - The platform can provide an incentive or inducement that will allow users to get PUT rewards from privacy-protected ads.
  • User privacy and data protection - The goal of Broearn Web 3.0 is to create the most secure browser possible using blockchain technology. In contrast to conventional browsers, it prevents the collection of user privacy, and disturbing ads, and it can create multi-dimensional user privacy protection.   


Interestingly, the browser blocks the collection of user cookie-tracking information, camera and microphone use, access to the device's clipboard, and device usage. This will allow any users to prefer the Broearn browser’s security over others. It’s one of the most secure browsers. Moreover, Broearn’s Dapp also attracts crypto users to apply the platform efficiently according to their necessities.


4) Brave

Brave Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Brave browser is a free and open-source platform developed by Brave Company. With its default browser settings, Brave emphasizes as of the most secure web browsers of the users by three different layers of protection. Brave Shields, the first layer, disables trackers, cross-site cookie tracking, fingerprinting, and other things.The Second layer, advanced protections involve the ability to decrease network server calls, partitioning, and blocking bounce tracking. The Third layer is policies and practices which will protect the user data by following government regulation such as GDPR and CCPA. Due to its highlighted strengths in the security system, the platform is referred to as "The best private online web" on its homepage . Highlighted features of this platform are


  • Protection and Tracker blocking - Brave eliminates website trackers and blocks disturbing ads substituting them with its own privacy-concerning ads. Additionally, it provides a defense against harmful advertisements, malware, and phishing site attempts.
  • Security Features - Brave platform develops insecure HTTP connections to secure HTTPS connections most of the time. A built-in password manager, script blocking, third-party cookie blocking, and the option to use private browsing tabs are among the other privacy-focused features that Brave provides.
  • Brave Rewards – The platform has its own program to provide rewards called Brave Rewards. Users can watch privacy-respecting ads and get BAT tokens, a cryptocurrency that may be used to make payments to registered websites and content providers. These tokens can be applied either to assist content creators, websites, and online services or to change into fiat currencies.


Due to its reward feature and security measures, Brave is built to be beneficial and suitable for content creators, publishers, and security-conscious users.


5) Chrome

Chrome Browser - Best Secure Browsers


The cross-platform web browser Google Chrome was created by Google using free software from Mozilla Firefox and Apple WebKit. The browser is also a significant part of ChromeOS, which uses it to host web apps. Chrome applies google safey center which will protect the users’ data and creat a safe browsing experiences. Moreover, security system includes privacy sandbox which will lessen cross-site and cross-app monitoring while assisting in maintaining the accessibility of free online content and services.  Some of the highlighted features which are making the Chrome browsers unique are-


  • User Interface - A minimalist user interface is included in Google Chrome, and later, other browsers adopted its UI design concepts.
  • Cross-Platform accessible – Chrome can offer an efficient crossover synchronization process. Users can use their bookmarks, history, and passwords just by signing into various devices.
  • Extensions - Users of Chrome may expand their browsing experience with a wide variety of chrome extensions and web apps to add more features and capabilities.
  • Security and privacy - Chrome places a high priority on security and regularly releases updates to shield users from new threats. It provides options like Safe Browsing, which alerts users to potentially harmful websites.


As Chrome is one of the services from Google, there are many special features that are compatible with Chrome such as Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Drive and etc. These Features can make interest any users from another platform to apply to this platform constantly.


6) Opera

Opera Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Opera browser is built on Chromium however its user interface and other characteristics set it apart from other Chromium based browsers. Opera is renowned for its quickness, security measures, and variety of distinctive features. The developers presented the platform as the “Quickest, most secure, and smartest Browser” to prove that the browser is the best available. Here are some of its key features.


  • Opera Turbo Mode – Opera has an advanced utility known as Opera Turbo Mode which compresses web pages and decreases the usage of browser data to enhance the performance of browsing on low-connection networks.
  • VPN availability – Integrated VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature is available on the Opera browser to use the web securely and privately. It can cover the IP address and encrypt the data.
  • Crypto Wallet - Opera consists of a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, allowing users to manage their digital assets easily from a browser.
  • User-Interface – Opera provides a personalized newsfeed, customizable themes, various extensions, screenshotting snapshot tools, and Opera GX gaming enhancer for the best user experience on the network.


Moreover, Opera can be interesting to crypto users, gaming enthusiasts, security-prefer users, and others due to its unique features.


7) Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Microsoft Edge is a Microsoft-created web browser and then it has been switched to a Chromium-based architecture. It has the following key features.


  • Performance - Edge delivers better performance and speed, with quicker page loads and efficient resource use by the Chromium engine.
  • Compatibility - Edge is available on Windows, Mac OS, IOS, and Android. A PDF reader is also provided as a built-in feature for the Edge browser. Moreover, it enables users to integrate with Microsoft 365 services such as Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft software.
  • Bing AI – With the new Bing, users can ask any real questions for providing comprehensive answers from any aspect.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy - Edge places a great emphasis on offering privacy and security features. It has features like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which assists in identifying and preventing the usage of harmful websites and downloads, and built-in tracking protection, which disables trackers and safeguards user data.


The number of users who are big fans of Microsoft products and in the Microsoft, ecosystem is relatively high. Apart from those users, others who are looking for a simple browser with many functionalities will tend to choose Edge.


8) Avast

Avast Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Avast Secure Browser is a free browser providing private browsing mode made to safeguard private information and eliminate advertisements for quicker browsing. With a built-in VPN, ad-blocker, and full data encryption, this next-generation secure and private browser provides unmatched privacy and security, which is why over 400 million people trust Avast. Due to its distinct features in privacy, they are even represented as “A browser which is capable of protecting any harms from online”. Distinct features of Avast are


  • Bank Mode - Specifically created for online banking and financial activities, Avast Secure Browser's Bank Mode delivers a secure and separate surfing environment. It assists in defending sensitive user data against malware such as keyloggers and screen recorders.
  • Stealth Mode - Avast Secure Web Browser has a function called "Stealth Mode" that enables users to browse the internet privately and without leaving any digital footprints. It offers a more covert surfing experience by not saving cookies, history, or temporary files.
  • Security Features – Avast provides anti-tracking technology, HTTPS encryption, Ad-block, Webcam guard, Anti-Finger Printing, and password breach alerts.

Because of its strong security system provided in the private browser, users who prefer the highest security and data protection will definitely choose Avast for their daily use.


9) LibreWolf

LibreWolf Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Web browser LibreWolf prioritizes freedom, security, and privacy. It's a modified version of Mozilla Firefox that's made to give users more privacy protection and control over data sharing. LibreWolf have many benefial security features like blocking unnecessary actions, safe search in private, and uBlock Orgin for content blocking. Their homepage described their platform as “one of the versions of Firefox, emphasizes on privacy and security”. Here are some of LibreWolf’s main attributes:


  • Security – LibreWolf platform enhances the user experience by implementing several measures to find out the security vulnerabilities for offering an additional protection layer from network threats.
  • Data Protection - LibreWolf has various enhanced security procedures such as ads-blockers, fingerprints prevention, and telemetry disabled to reduce data collection and develop user privacy.
  • Open Source - LibreWolf is an open-source project, which means that anyone can access its source code without charge. This enables openness, community-driven development, and peer review to ensure the integrity of the browser.


Librewolf is web browsing, offering users a privacy-focused alternative to mainstream browsers. It is particularly useful for individuals who prioritize privacy and security and wish to have more control over their online activities.


10) FreeNet

FreeNet Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Freenet is a free peer-to-peer decentralized network that was created to make it easier to share files and communicate securely online. By enabling users to communicate information and content without worrying about censorship or surveillance, it attempts to promote free speech and privacy. FreeNet is represented as “a platform which resists censorship and respect in the privacy of content” on their main website. Here some of the main functions are


  • Anonymity - FreeNet places a strong emphasis on protecting user anonymity and privacy. Your location and identity are hidden when using Freenet, making it challenging to track your online actions.
  • Decentralized Architecture - FreeNet's infrastructure is composed of a dispersed network of computers. This indicates that the network is not governed by a central server or authority.
  • Freedom of Speech and Anti-Censorship - the platform allows freedom of speech by enabling users to publish content anonymously, without fear of censorship.

Freenet's main use is to offer a safe and censorship-resistant platform for information, file exchange, and conversation. People living in places with tight censorship or surveillance, journalists, and activists who need to communicate securely will find it helpful.


11) DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Browser - Best Secure Browsers


DuckDuckGo places a strong emphasis on preserving user privacy and minimizing search results. By not collecting or keeping browsing data, it sets itself apart from competing search engines and offers a more private browsing experience. DuckDuckGo emphasizes on allowing users to buy or search the products safely without being able to be tacked by numerous companies. Moreover, the platform applies advanced security procedures such as app and web tracking prevention, advanced encryption, safe searching and protection of Email.  DuckDuckGo is represented as a privacy-focused browser with a “the platform can assist not to be tracked in online searching” statement on its homepage. The main features of this platform are


  • Privacy protection - DuckDuckGo prioritizes user privacy in its structure. User search histories, IP addresses, or personal data are not tracked or saved.
  • Safe search results - DuckDuckGo does not customize search results based on a user's past search history or online browsing habits in order to give unbiased results. Instead, it gives everyone the same outcomes to allow a more neutral search experience.
  • Data encryption - DuckDuckGo uses an encrypted connection (HTTPS) by default for search queries, making sure that the user's search words and results are secured and safe.
  • Security tools - DuckDuckGo also offers a tracker blocker, a privacy web browser extension, and email protection in addition to the search engine.


DuckDuckGo's main function is as a privacy-conscious search engine. It is appropriate for people who respect their privacy and wish to lessen targeted advertising.


12) Puffin

Puffin Browser - Best Secure Browsers


The web browser Puffin is renowned for its quick browsing times and distinctive protective features. It is accessible on a number of platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices. Platform users can benefit from several security advantages such that Puffin can protect the users’device from any threats of compromised websites with the platform’s zero trust architecture system. Moreover, cloud avatar technology can stop dangerous content from getting to users by separating them within the cloud. Thus, the developers stated the efficiency of their security as “a secure browser for safe searching and usage.” Some of the important features of the platform are


  • Fast Browsing - Puffin is made to offer quick browsing even on computers or other devices with weaker processors or slower internet connections. Puffin can render web pages rapidly and effectively by using cloud resources.
  • Secure Browsing - Puffin places a strong emphasis on security when browsing by encrypting internet traffic and guarding user data against potential threats. By using techniques like integrated virus and malware protection, blocking harmful websites, and warning users of potential threats, it offers a secure browsing environment.
  • Incognito Mode - Puffin provides an anonymous browsing option known as an incognito mode or stealth mode that enables users to browse the internet without saving their browsing history or cookies.


As a fast and secure browsing experience. It is particularly suitable for individuals who value speed and security.


13) Epic Browser

Epic Browser - Best Secure Browsers


A web browser with a privacy and security emphasis is called Epic Browser. It is based on the same open-source Chromium framework that is like Google Chrome. However, Epic Browser distinguishes itself by incorporating a number of privacy-focused features. Moreover, it can prevent 600+ attempts at tracking in a typical browsing session and its free VPN can ensure the best network privacy.Their homepage even introduced the platform as “the secure web browser with many security measures”. The highlighting features of Epic Browser are


  • Privacy Protection - By preventing third-party trackers, cookies, and other tracking technologies that observe user behavior, Epic Browser places a strong emphasis on user privacy. Moreover, the browser has an automatic establishment of an encrypted connection (HTTPS) to create a secure network between the private browser and websites.
  • Private Browsing Modes - Multiple private browsing options are available with Epic Browser, including "Incognito" and "No History." Privacy and security setting to help block cookies and prevent collecting browsing data.
  • Built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Epic Browser comes with a VPN that enables users to encrypt their internet traffic and hide their IP address.
  • Ad blocking - Epic Browser has built-in ad-blocking features that can speed up browsing and lessen interruptions.


Epic Browser provides users with features and tools to enhance their privacy and protect their online activities from various threats. It is suitable for individuals who prioritize their online privacy, wants to reduce tracking and targeted advertising, and are concerned about their data being collected and shared without consent.


14) Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Vivaldi is a flexible web browser that offers a highly customizable and feature-rich browsing experience. It is available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Vivaldi can block advertisements, trackers, fingerprinting, cryptomining, and ultrasonic signaling. It is safer to sync between devices for the usage as it applies the end-to-end encryption method. The browser is stated as a “platform with many features for efficiency, and privacy” on the webpage. Important features of Vivaldi Browser are


  • Interface Customization - Vivaldi offers customers a wide range of interface customization options. To fit their preferences, users can change the browser's design, structure, and positioning of different features including tabs, the address bar, and side panels.
  • Tab Management - Vivaldi provides sophisticated tab management tools to make it easier for users to plan out and manage their browsing sessions. Users can organize, tile, stack, and even preview the contents of tabs before actually accessing them.
  • Speed Dial – Users can access commonly visited websites quickly with Vivaldi's Speed Dial function. Moreover, users can add their favorite websites to Speed Dial, create categories for classification, and set unique thumbnail images.
  • Security - Vivaldi places a high priority on user privacy and security. It has options for preventing trackers and adverts as well as third-party cookies.


People who want a browser that can be customized to their unique needs, value a variety of built-in capabilities, and value effective tab management should find Vivaldi Browser as their favorite.


15) Safari

Safari Browser - Best Secure Browsers


Apple created the Safari web browser, which is largely used on Apple products including iPhones, iPads, and Mac desktops. Safari involves intelligent tracking prevention to block the trackers. In additon, privacy report can enable users to see how the platform provides privacy and a toolbar for a list of cross-site trackers that are prevented during the usage. It is renowned for its lightning-quick operation, compatibility with Apple's ecosystem, and a variety of built-in functions. Highlighted features of Safari are


  • Fast browsing - Safari has been prioritized for performance and speed, providing quick page loads and fluid scrolling. For a seamless browsing experience, it makes use of Apple's hardware and software integration.
  • Apple Ecosystem - Safari is strongly connected with Apple's ecosystem, enabling users to sync their open tabs, passwords, and bookmarks across all of their Apple devices. It offers a similar surfing experience on Macs, iPads, and iPhones.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention - There is a privacy feature in Safari that restricts cross-site tracking and stops advertisers from monitoring user behavior across many websites.
  • Extensions - Safari allows browser extensions, and users can personalize their browsing experience by choosing from a large selection of add-ons in the Safari Extensions Gallery.


Safari provides a fast and secure browsing experience with built-in privacy protections and various tools to enhance usability. Moreover, it is optimized for the Apple ecosystem, offering features that integrate seamlessly with other Apple services and devices.


16) AVG Secure Browser

AVG Secure Browser - Best Secure Browsers


AVG Secure Browser is developed by security experts of AVG Technologies, a cyber security company. It focuses on giving consumers a private and safe browsing experience. AVG secure web browser’s built in privacy procedures can protect the users’ digital fingerprint, setting anonymity and prevent tracking during the usage. Moreover, the platform provides real-time protection against various threats to enable the secure web browsing experience.  The developers presented their platform as “a secure, fast and private web browser” to show the reputation. Important features of AVG Secure Brower are


  • Security features - AVG Secure Browser combines a number of security measures to safeguard users when they browse. To stop online risks and malicious actions, it has built-in anti-tracking, anti-phishing, and anti-malware technologies. Additionally, it notifies users about potential security dangers and filters potentially hazardous websites.
  • Privacy Protection - By disabling tracking scripts and cookies, the web browser prioritizes user privacy by preventing marketers and other organizations from keeping tabs on user activity and gathering sensitive information. With just one click, users may delete their browsing history, cookies, and other browsing data thanks to the "Privacy Cleaner" tool it provides.
  • Secure Banking Mode - When completing online banking transactions or gaining access to confidential financial information, the browser's "Bank Mode" adds an extra layer of security.


By fusing security features with an intuitive UI, AVG Secure Browser provides consumers with a safer and more private alternative to popular browsers. Moreover, It is suitable for individuals who emphasize on online security and protection.


17) GNU IceCat

GNU IceCat Browser - Best Secure Browsers


The GNU Project includes the web browser GNU IceCat. It is a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser and is made with a focus on software ethics, user privacy, and freedom. The platform can encrypt the connections with many important websites for your website browsing. Moreover, it has the ability to block privacy trackers in normal mode and third party requests in private mode due to is AdBlock plus. Some of the important attributes of the GNU IceCat browser are


  • LibreJS - The GNU IceCat includes LibreJs extension for locating and blocking non-free JavaScript code on webpages. By avoiding executing non-free programs that can limit their freedom, consumers can support the usage of free software.
  • Security Features - GNU IceCat has security features like integrated malware detection, support for HTTPS, and other safe surfing protocols.
  • SpyBlock - Blocking social media trackers and buttons that may gather user information or enable monitoring across websites is possible with GNU IceCat.


GNU IceCat is especially appropriate for people that value privacy protection, software freedom, and a browser that adheres to moral standards.